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Mangia Key West

Italian Seafood Restaurant
Mussels and Pasta Dish


Mangia Mangia is located in Key West, Florida and is famous for it's fresh home made pasta. Mangia Mangia has a quaint little store front and is located on the corner of Southard Street and Margaret Street, right smack in the middle of old town. Mangia Mangia opens for dinner daily and start serving at 5:30PM. It is a long time favorite for locals and tourist alike.

We started off with choosing wine from their extensive wine list. We found so many choices by the glass. We wanted to try them all!

We ordered and tried the Mangia Mangia version of Minestrone soup. It was made with fresh conch and their version is called Conch Minestrone. It is known as a Key West classic. It is made with a red chowder base and kidney beans, fresh pasta and topped with fresh grated Romano - Pecorino cheese. It was very impressive!

The menu offered other wonderful starters and salads that were out of this world. Some of the choices were, Carpaccio di Bue, New Zealand Mussels filled with juicy garlic butter, chopped tomatoes and white wine.

Mangia Mangia makes their own home made pasta and sauces. The pasta is made from 100% semolina and fresh eggs. We had a choice of pairing the pasta with one of the home made sauces and fresh Cuban garlic toast. It was mouth watering wonderful! The seafood sauce was very unique because it was made with fresh conch, scallops and mahi mahi.

Other entree choices were fresh mahi mahi or chicken grilled and delicious seafood specialties with their signature fresh home made pasta. We loved the Bollito Misto di Mare! It was Mangia Mangia's celebration to what the sea has to offer. Another one of our favorites was the Picadillo Pasta. Inspired from a favorite Cuban tradition, this meal was made with black bean shell shaped pasta. It is smothered with the slightly spicy picadillo sauce. All we could say was, WOW! We had so many wonderful amazing choices to choose from. The combinations were all so original. The seafood was extremely fresh.

We really enjoyed our unique pasta dining experience with Mangia Mangia. The service was wonderful and the food was over the top! We look forward to visiting Mangia Mangia the next time we vacation in Key West. We will definitely recommend Mangia Mangia to our friends and family.


Mangia Restaurant Map

    900 Southard Street
    Key West, Fl 33040

    Hostest Desk:

    (305) 294-2469



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