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Key West is a small island town in the state of Florida, it has a unique atmosphere due to the fact that it's not quite part of the main land and not quite out of the United States either. In a place like this boredom is a word that evaporates from your vocabulary; there is so much to do, so many things to look at, so much everywhere. On my trip there I had a lot of places on my list of must-see sights. I had the pleasure of visiting was KELLY'S CARIBBEAN BAR & GRILL. Hands down the best thing I did there is my favorite thing to do anywhere - eat!

Sitting on the corner of Whitehead and Caroline street is one of the most well known structures on the entire island. Kelly's is famous not only for amazing food but also for it's historical development. In 1927 tickets were made available for Pan American Airlines which started right in between the walls of this restraint. Pan Am was the first US airline to make an international flight that year when it landed a plane in Cuba.

Fully equipped with an out door garden and diners Kelly's provides one of the most memorable dining atmospheres that I've had in a long time. Every kind of plant, flower and tree fill the air with a very different kind of smell that I'm convinced stimulates the taste buds and makes the food that much better. A very cool historical fact is the building is the original birthplace for Pan American airlines. To go along with this theme, the bar is a real airplane wing!

For my meal I had a very hard time deciding what looked the best, because all of it sounded so good. I had to send the waiter away three or four times as I tried to make my final decision between the LOBSTER QUESADILLA and the FLASH FRIED CALAMARI. At long last I split the two horns of my dilemma and chose to have the SOUTHERN CLIPPER PIZZA which the menu boasted was, "Wheat beer braised onion relish, roasted vegetables and goat cheese with basil pesto on herbed flatbread." I had an even harder time deciding on what drink I'd like to have seeing as the brewery was right there in the building I knew that everything was bound to be amazing. After I ate my meal and busted the button on my pants I tipped the poor waiter extra for everything I put him through and went home very satisfied with the experience.


Kellys Restaurant Map

    301 Whitehead Street
    Key West, Fl 33040

    Hostest Desk:

    (305) 293-8484



    • Coconut Shrimp
    • Ahi Tuna
    • Tapas - Ceviche
    • Micro Brewery
    • Crab Cakes
    • Filet Mignon