Suite Dreams Key West Map

Suite Dreams Key West Map


I don't normally tell people where they should stay when they go on vacation. I often feel that people don't believe it when you tell them about a fantastic hotel or inn. But, just this once, I am going to tell you all about the Suite Dreams in Key West, Florida.

My boyfriend Joe and I had a disagreement a few weeks ago and as a make-up present he took me for a long weekend stay in Key West. He wouldn't tell me about the trip in advance, he said he wanted to surprise me. Well, he sure did surprise me and he is now out of the doghouse!

We went to a unique vacation spot in Key West, Florida called Suite Dreams. Joe and I both love the beach but we also love our privacy. Suite Dreams is only three blocks from Higgs Beach and not far from Duval Street where all the action is. But when you want privacy and relaxation, then head back to your wonderfully appointed suite. Use your own little kitchen to stir up a romantic dinner if you don't feel like eating at a restaurant.

Choose from a one, two or three bedroom suite. We loved our one bedroom suite, especially the robes they provided, a very nice touch. The decor and feel of the place is very tropical. It is exactly what you would expect for Key West.

From the minute we entered the grounds we knew we were in a little slice of heaven. The prices were a nice surprise also. In the summer and fall you can get a one bedroom suite for only $110 a night, that's unbelievable for all you get. The rates in the winter and spring are higher because that is prime tourist season. To save some money, make sure to reserve your suite for the summer or fall. No matter what time of year you go, you will love Suite Dreams. I think the name is absolutely perfect!

You can call them to reserve a room. You can do what Joe did and fill out the on-line form. He said it was really easy to do. No matter how you make your reservation, I hope you enjoy your stay at Suite Dreams as much as we did. Check out the virtual tour on their website to get a clear idea of what to look forward to.

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