Southernmost Hotel Key West Map

Southernmost Hotel Map


The Southernmost Hotel has a wonderful complex located on Duval Street; essentially in the heart of old town Key West. Southernmost Hotel features 127 guest rooms, 2 pools, a jacuzzi, beach access and 2 bars. What truly makes the Southernmost a great choice is the location.

Southernmost is located just far enough down from the action of Duval Street to provide a quiet nights' sleep; yet close enough, for those who don't want to sleep! Duval Street is famous for it's night activities, performance events, parties, bars and excellent shopping. Staying at the Southernmost Hotel will give you access to all the great things about Duval Street without having to endure the noise and rowdiness of a hotel on the upper half of Duval.

The staff at the Southernmost is exquisite. From the time you enter the front door of the Southernmost until the time you leave the staff will constantly greet you with a friendly smile and offer assistance. It is not uncommon for the staff to go out of the way to do extra favors for guests such as hold their camera to take a picture or bring them a drink from the bar all the way to the other end of the property or the beach front. The staff truly makes the visit a stress free, fun and enjoyable visit.

The facilities at the Southernmost Hotel are very well kept. The two bars are well stocked and have excellent bar tenders. The pool areas and the jacuzzi are clean and well maintained with all of the beach chairs and tables well organized. There is also a cafe at the Southernmost which offers a nice selection at comparable prices. The rooms are a little on the small side but very well designed. The bathrooms in each room are very well maintained and clean; the patio on each room is gorgeous and the primary area of the room has a great feel and comfortable beds.

The overall experience at the Southernmost Hotel is a pleasant one. The price is a great value considering the outstanding location of the Southernmost, the exquisitely friendly staff and the more than ample facilities. Southernmost guests' also enjoy additional perks such as free parking (which is rare in Key West) and free beach chairs and umbrellas for the beach. Staying at the Southernmost Hotel in Keywest is an excellent choice for a comfortable and stress free visit.

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