La Mer and Dewey House Map

La Mer and Dewey House Map


If you like elegance, class, and an ambience like no other place in the Keys, then keep reading. I have found just the right vacation spot for you. I like to compare the La Mer and Dewey House boutique hotels to a fabulous work of art. Imagine if you will, the most beautiful painting you've ever seen rendering everything that is lush and lovely about a tropical setting. If you do that, then you can imagine the La Mer & Dewey House.

The backdrop for this gorgeous work of art is the tropical Florida Keys. One can imagine Papa Hemingway "porch sitting", puffing on a big cigar and regaling you with his adventures. Don't like porch sitting you say, then head out to the pool and be transported back to a time when Bogie and Bacall might have enjoyed a very similar scene. Don't be misled by the vintage feel you sometimes get, the La Mer & Dewey is very much in the 21st Century. Complimentary Wi-Fi, wireless internet connections and video conferencing are all available.

During your stay at the La Mer Hotel & Dewey House, you will be immersed in luxury. From the British Colonial furnishings to the monogrammed robes, every detail is designed for your comfort and pleasure. Deluxe continental breakfast and afternoon tea cater to all appetites and there is a library and numerous spa services are available either in your room or on the beach.

The activities offered by these two Diamond AAA hotels are in keeping with the vintage feel of the surroundings. Croquet anyone ? Bocce ball and Ladder Golf are just two other of the delightful lawn games you might enjoy. If board games or lawn games don't get your blood pumping then there is a fitness center, yoga on the beach and beach volleyball all within your grasp. Go by the gift shop and take home a beautiful piece of your stay at this one of a kind tropical paradise. Words really do not convey the elegance, charm and posh setting of these boutique hotels. You really must bring your watercolors and paint the memory yourself.

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