Island City House Key West Map

Island City House Key West Map


My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our three-night stay last month at the Island City House in Key West. It is not the cheapest place on the island but not the highest-priced, either. While in Key West, we met up with old friends who were staying at a more modest hotel, and, boy, were they ever envious of what we got for just a tiny bit more money! Some times it just doesn't pay to be too much of a cheapskate.

We found it, overall, an excellent value (five out of five stars) for our mini-vacation money. It was not only very clean, but well-maintained. The Island City House has spacious rooms with all the modern amenities we have come to expect in our many travels, but still possessed of a charmingly authentic air. It has beautiful gardens, a very friendly and helpful staff, and sits in a prime location: I found it as close as I wanted to be close enough to the hustle, bustle, and eccentricities of Duval Street (easy walking distance to just about any place you'd want to go), but just off the beaten track enough to allow you to escape it, too.

It is an exotic locale but you can actually sleep in peace and quiet, and not have to worry about bugs or anything else. It is simply not necessary to travel to some distant place to get the foreign feel: you can get it right there at the Island House without having to worry about the currency exchange rate or the electrical voltage. We will certainly be back and recommend it to our friends.

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