Chelsea House Key West Map

Chelsea House Key West Map


The Chelsea House is located in Key West, Florida. It is only 2 blocks from Duval Street so you can walk there to go out for the evening. This is a popular vacation site and finding where you want to stay can be difficult. The Chelsea House is one of the oldest guest houses in the neighborhood and the perfect place to spend a vacation. This house as been used as an Inn and a residence in the past. It is very popular in the area. You will be amazed by the owners and how nice they are to guests. You can not bring children here, but that makes for a quiet relaxing time for your stay. You can bring a pet, but you have to set up these arrangements in advance.

Every room here has cable TV and a mini fridge. A lot of inns do not offer cable so if you enjoy watching TV that is a selling point for staying here. You will also have your own private bathroom and a safe to put your valuables in for safe keeping. When I vacation, I always like this option so I feel like my items do not need to be worried about if I go out. You can choose from different rooms and some even have your own private balcony.

The Chelsea House has a wonderful pool. It is large and heated for comfort. Breakfast is served here daily right by the pool. It makes for a great atmosphere. It is early though from 8:00 am - 10:00 am. You can even pick up wifi by the pool if you want to spend a bit of time on your laptop. There is an adults only sundeck that you can sunbathe on if you choose. Sometimes you will get it to yourself or others will join you. This can be a fun interesting experience. They also have brick walkways and plants all around. It makes the grounds look amazing!

This inn is defiantly worth staying in when you go to Key West. You will be happy with what you get for the price, so check it out on your next stay.

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