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I spent a few nights at the Blue Marlin Motel in Key West with my wife, and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We did not do much research beforehand, but luckily this place really worked out well for us. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering staying in the Old Town area of Key West, especially if you are on a budget.

The location was ideal, considering it is located within walking distance of not only the beach but also Duval Street. We found ourselves doing lots of walking in order to see the many sights, but they also have trolley and train tours if you prefer to cover more ground. I particularly enjoyed taking morning walks to the beach and being able to smell and hear the ocean from our room.

The room we stayed in was clean, had a good-sized flat screen TV and a comfortable bed. Thankfully we were able to sleep in due to how quiet the Blue Marlin Key West was. Whenever we needed anything for the room the front desk was very helpful and responded quickly to our requests. I also liked the smaller size of the motel, which enabled us on several occasions to have the pool to ourselves. Every morning we ate the included breakfast and found it to be more than satisfactory.

Because the Blue Marlin Key West was only one block from Duval we were able to eat at a variety of quality restaurants. There was some great Cuban and Italian cuisine we thoroughly enjoyed. One thing to keep in mind, which was good for us, is that the part of Duval that is closest to the motel is the quieter end. Therefore, if you want to check out the nightlife you will have to take a quick taxi ride further down the road.

Another great aspect of staying so close to the ocean was all the various activities we were able to participate in. Although we didn't do them all there is jet skiing, snorkeling, water skiing and other fun activities for couples and families. We will definitely be staying at the Blue Marlin the next time we vacation in Key West.

I stayed t the Blue Marlin in Key West several years ago but couldn't remember the name. I remembered the location right off Duval st and just a short walk from the beach. After looking over the hotel maps I found it once again. I was in Miami and not even planning a trip down to the Keys, but I enjoy the laid back atmosphere of Key West to the more cosmo style of the Miami Beach area. Obviously the cheaper the better when it comes to hotels if you plan on visiting the town and just need a place to crash. This can be a bit of crap shoot though when trying to match cheap and clean with quality. You're safe on all fronts with the Blue Marlin. My wife said it best, that you get hotel and resort amenities and quality at motel rates. It was obvious that they had spent some money on renovating the rooms recently and it was more than expected but nice. They have a large pool and the rooms are very large for the price. The security of the doors is up to date for something this affordable with modern door keys, not keys. There's also free parking and the best beach on the island is literally a few minutes walk away. The only sub-par part of this hotel is the price. The beds are comfortable, the rooms are large and clean, it has a pool and free parking. It's close to the beach and all the action of Duval. I don't think you can do much better.

I found this page looking for maps of hotels in Key West. The Blue Marlin turned out to be a great place to stay. I could see from the location on the map it was better than most from a price perspective. The surrounding hotels are much more expensive and when you compare the rooms, you're getting cheap rates for an equally quality room. With clean and spacious rooms from the floor to the bed, we were very pleased with the Blue Marlin and would recommend it to anyone planning a vacation to Key West.

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