Key West Bed and Breakfast Map

Bed and Breakfast Map


The Key West Bed and Breakfast and Popular House is a perfect place to spend your vacation. It has 8 different rooms to choose between and hardwood floors throughout. They are only a short walk from the water and Duval street. The entire place is decorated in Caribbean style for a relaxing feel.

If you are traveling alone, they do offer a lower rate for 1 person. This bed and breakfast is very affordable for a couple also. You will feel more at home than a hotel but still be in the same price range. They have a Jacuzzi and sauna available to use. They do not have TV, but that is part of relaxing. You need to get away from the outside world and just enjoy yourself. They do offer free Wifi though if you need a little contact with people back home while staying there. Each room in the house has its own air conditioning and they do have large ceiling fans in the common rooms.

In the mornings they have a wonderful complimentary breakfast that includes some amazing fruit, pastries, and more. There is a garden in the back which is amazing to have your breakfast out here. You can even squeeze your own orange juice which is a fun experience. It is also very tasty. You will love getting to know the other guests while having breakfast together each morning.

One thing that is amazing is the house has a lot of small corners and places you can sit enjoying a good book. The house makes you feel like you are at home. The staff here is amazing and makes you feel comfortable. They even have bikes to rent to ride down to the beach. The house has art on the walls all over and looks great. They also have nice porches and even a hammock outside. It will be calling your name to take a nice nap during your stay.

You will love staying at The Popular House and soon be playing your next trip back. It is located in such a quiet area you will relax and enjoy your entire vacation. This is one place you will be counting the days until you can return.

We have vacationed in Key West Florida for several holidays over the years and I almost hesitate to say just how superior this particular bed and breakfast is so as not to sound too much like I'm trying to promote them over others. That and the secret gets out and they won't have any vacancy for when I want to stay! But I have used reviews like these to judge a hotel and you can't beat the honest opinion of someone who has stayed in a particular accommodation, especially with bed and breakfasts. The fact is that this is not only the best place to stay in Key West because of the location and price, but when you read the reviews and actually stay here and compare it with other lodging in the area it really begins to stand out. The architecture and level of comfort that an intimate bnb like this affords is far better in my opinion than paying top dollar for a fancy hotel that doesn't have the charm of this place. That of coarse is an opinion and when it comes to making a reservation and choosing a place to stay it comes down to the lowest rates for the highest in quality. This is where the Key West Bed and Breakfast stands out from the rest. Beginning with the breakfast each morning which is superior to the others and this is not an area where they save on costs like most of the others places we've stayed. The upkeep on a privately owned accommodation is usually where you need to be careful and historic buildings require a lot more attention to stay clean and in good shape. The Popular House is kept up very well and the common areas for guests are clean and very well kept, as are the guestrooms. You can walk to everything and come back and relax on a deck hammock and read a book in piece and quiet. Best bed and breakfast in Key West when compared to others in the same price range.

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