Albury Court Key West Map

Albury Court Key West Map


After spending several nights at the Albury Court Hotel in Key West with my wife, our final verdict is "Very Good." The Albury Court Hotel has an excellent location, wonderful staff and beautifully quaint rooms! That is not to saying the Albury Court Hotel is without a few problems, but in my opinion they were far outweighed by the advantages of the Albury Court Hotel!

From the moment we walked into the Albury Court Hotel we felt welcomed, it almost felt like a movie! The staff was very polite and quick to greet us, which was soon followed by management coming over to speak with us! They detailed the area out for us and even explained where to park our cars and what entertainment we could find! We were very pleased with the management's suggestions for renting bikes at a shop just down the road! Key West is best explored on foot, scooter or bike and there is no need for the car! The Albury Court is located in the midst of all the action, its close enough to walk to just about everything; yet not too noisy! I say not "too noisy" because we were a little disappointed with the hustle and bustle from the street! Several rooms, including ours happened to be facing the street and the traffic in the evening and throughout the night is very noisy! We were able to hear the occasional screeching, squealing and honking inside of our room; lucky we're not light sleepers!

The rooms themselves were very quaint but well designed! The room featured a nice television, cable, air conditioning and a nice bathroom with shower! The room was very clean and everything worked well, everything was stocked well including the towels and soap! The bathroom was ample size and designed nicely, however my wife noticed the floor under the sink was dirty. The rest of the bathroom was very clean and usable. The bed was not the most comfortable in the world, however it provided a decent nights sleep; the pillows were a little stiff. Everything else inside the room including the cable reception was very good.

Overall Albury Court Hotel is a great place to stay! It has an almost romantic feel because of the quaint setting and beautiful design. The staff truly made the experience one of a kind and I would highly recommend the Albury Court Hotel to anyone visiting the Key West area in a non-formal capacity.

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